iconWhat is Colored Gemstone?

Sapphire GemstonesThe simplest way of describing colored gemstones would be to conjure the image of an array of the most beautiful and vibrant colors and imagine them all in a crystallized form. It is true that colored gemstones quite closely resemble an artist’s palette that has the presence of every possible color with the only difference that in case of gemstones they actually have a form and shape that you can touch, feel, see and of course wear in form of some truly spectacular jewelry. The beautiful variety of colored gemstones is indeed nature’s rare and extremely generous gift to us.

Sapphire GemstonesColored gemstones are in most cases a kind of mineral that eventually after being mined are cleaned, treated, cut and polished after which they take the form and shape of some vividly colored gemstones. There also exist a lot of other gemstones that are formed from things other than minerals. Once extracted from the pit of the Earth as is the case with most colored gemstones, each variety is carefully cleaned and thoroughly treated.

Sapphire GemstonesTreatment of gemstones is an extremely important procedure as it gives the stone its color. While most gemstones are heat treated, there are also other varieties of gemstones that are oil treated. After they undergo treatment the true beauty, color, luster and look of the gemstones come across. Treatment also provides a permanent nature to the color of gemstones.

Sapphire GemstonesThe most discerning quality of gemstones is the color that they exude. Also the value and worth of gemstones depend on the particular color of gemstones. Colored gemstones bring to us such a wide selection and range of colors where each gemstone has a unique beauty and look of its own. So from the stunning blue sapphires, ravishing red rubies, evergreen emeralds, vivid violet tanzanites, soft sky blue aquamarines, rich maroon garnets, fresh green peridots, sunny honey colored citrines and many more, there is a gemstone in every possible color and shade that makes them a unique and rare gift of nature to mankind.

Sapphire GemstonesThe best thing about gemstones is that they are so wonderfully transformed into jewelry that one can pair them with almost every color in the wardrobe. Colored gemstone jewelry therefore is popular throughout the world with more and more women falling prey to their immense charm and not without reason.

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